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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Will you hold my hand, if I reach to you? 
Will you hear if I shall call? 
Many a times we will be far away, 
Will you miss my presence at all?

Will you think of me, if I am gone? 
Will you come and hug, if my arms stretch out? 
In a small moment the hour would change, 
Will you remember me, I have a doubt? 

Will you crack a joke, to make me smile? 
Will you slap me, if I am wrong? 
Being near and far is the way to live 
Will you give me hope, when I need to be strong? 

Will you come to me, if I shout for help? 
Will you hold me tight, if I fall? 
I am all alone in the midst of this mob, 
Will you be by my side, when darkness calls?

Will you?


AimanAriffin said...

Yes I will ;)

haha aiyo syafiq inlove ni

Izz Latif said...

~i'll try!!~

chekuduks bacee said...

jangan tunggu lama lama nanti lama lama dia di ambil orang....wahahaha

asna ashraff said...

dah pandai speaking dah orang bongek nih!!!

Zz~ said...

of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is that even a question?

Ibrahim Ismail said...

I definitely will.

Ibrahim Ismail said...

You look good in all colours, bro.